Pop up

    Roll up




    Click Frame

      --19mm series

      --25mm series

      --32mm series

    Poster Stand


    Promo counter

    Promo tower

    Leaflet Display Stand

    Leaflet Dispensers


    Flying Banner

    Outdoor Flag

    LED Panel

    Stand Lightbox

      --Fixed Lightbox

      --Revolving Lightbox

    Exhibition Design

Revolving Lightbox


Product Details


Illuminated Revolving Column double-sided


Silver anodised aluminiumv frame.silver coloured steel base and top. Double sided, with 0.7 mm anti-reflective PVC and clear polystyrol. Illumination: 2 x 40 W.Rotating speed: 2.5 rpm



310   x   1300 mm (W x H)
ULR-150 310   x   1500 mm (W x H)